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Welcome to the Stetefeld Laboratory

Welcome to the lab of Dr. Jörg Stetefeld. The primary goal of our research is to understand in detail the structure-property relationship of proteins as dynamic systems. We are  broadly interested in extracellular cell surface receptors and their interactions with various ligand molecules and we aim to obtain a mechanistic understanding of S-layer coiled-coil assemblies from extremophilic archaea bacteria.

Our principal goal is to gain molecular insights  into receptor-ligand interactions to therapeutically impact human disease and to apply our molecular information about S-layer proteins to develop biotechnological applications.

To reveal the structural and functional basics of the underlying molecular aspects of signaling and shielding, we use a combination of:

X-ray crystallography in combination with BIO-SAXS, NMR and cryo-Electron Microscopy

Several biophysical techniques  (a.o. SEC-MALS-QUELS, AUC, MST and iSCAMS)

In vitro and in vivo functional analysis

Molecular insights into receptor-ligand interactions implicated in human disease could reveal new strategies for therapeutic intervention using structure-based drug design. Our structural and mechanistic studies are providing pivotal information into the therapeutic realm.

In 2014, the Center for Oil and Gas Research and Development (COGRAD) was founded as collaborative effort with the laboratory of Dr. Tomy. We view structural and biophysical information here as molecular fingerprint for both basic and applied advances. We develop in this unique, ISO-certified Center nanotube-based biomonitoring/ remediation devices for PAH/PAC’s and establish eDNA metabarcoding as powerful tool for live stock mapping and biodiversity monitoring.

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