Lab Members

Jörg Stetefeld, PhD

Biosketch- Short Curriculum vitae

Professor for Biochemistry

Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology and Biophysics

Department of Chemistry and Microbiology

Center for Oil and Gas Research and Development (COGRAD)

Center for Integrated Structural Biophysics  (CISB)


Current Members

Ben Bailey-Elkin, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Haben Gabir

PhD Student

Monika Gupta

PhD Student

Fabian Heide

PhD Student

Wesley Johnson

MSc Student

Scott Legare

PhD Student

Pauline Padilla-Meier, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Markus Meier, PhD

Research Associate

Oliver Peters


Faride Rafiei

PhD Student

Jaime Thomas



M. Aziz (“Dr. Bradford”) NSERC-USRA Student [2006-2008] 

A. McFarlane MSc/PhD Student [2007-2011]

G. Orriss Research Associate [2007-2019]

A. Hrabowych NSERC-USRA Student [2008-2010]

C. Viddal, PhD NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow [2008-2010]

S. Karrasch, PhD Research Associate [2008-2011]

T. Patel, PhD MHRC/CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow [2008-2013]

L. Tapley NSERC-USRA Student [2009/10] and MICH Student [2011]

E. K. Ogbomo (“Master Kelly”) MSc Student [2009-2010]

S. Gajjeraman, PhD Research Associate [2009-2010]

G. Cox Project Student (Red River College) [2011]

C. Ezeonwuka NSERC-USRA student [2011]

S. Xiong NSERC-USRA Student [2011]

I. Xie Guest Student (McGill University) [2011]

A. Peters Guest Student (Uni Greifswald) [2012]

T. Taylor Project Student (Red River College) [2012]

W. Kim  VPR-Award Student [2012]

K. Edwards VPR- Award Student [2012] and Honours Project Student [2012-13]

B. Baragar Honours Project Student [2012]

E. Wiens MSc Student [2012-13]

F. Ferens PhD Student [2012-2018]

M. McDougall PhD-Student/ Postdoctoral Fellow [2012-2021]

O. Marushchack MSc Student [2012-2014]

N. Krahn MSc/PhD Student [2013-2017]

R. Hutchings Honours Project Student [2013-2014]

A. Moya-Torres Postdoctoral Fellow [2014-2020]

B. Trieu MSc Student [2015-2016]

C. Dyck NSERC-USRA Student [2015-2016]

O. Francisco TA [2015-2019]

K. Neumann NSERC-USRA Student [2016]

M. Rezahbedashi Postdoctoral Fellow [2016-2018]

D. Gosh MSc Student [2017-2018]

V.To Postdoctoral Fellow [2017-2021]

C. Aprosoff NSERC-USRA Student [2018] Honors Project Student [2019]